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Roulette is a new casino betting game that has attracted everyone’s attention. Because of its high winning rate and relatively easy gameplay. However, not everyone can easily win money from the house. In addition to personal luck, each player also needs practical experience to be able to win easily. Here are the easiest Experience playing Roulette that we at BWINPH have collected. Please follow along.

General introduction to the game Roulette

General introduction to the game Roulette
General introduction to the game Roulette

Roulette is also known as the spinning wheel game. It is a game originating from the US, commonly seen in popular casinos. And now it is available in most online game portals and online casinos.

This game has 36 numbers and each spin will have a pair of numbers falling into the winning box. Players just need to place a bet on the selected number box and wait for the result and receive the prize if they win.

This game looks relatively difficult to win because the ratio is 1/36. Therefore, in addition to luck, players also need experience playing Roulette to be able to accurately predict the number that will come out. This is definitely a game of high risk, if there is no effective strategy, it is very difficult for players to win.

However, with a very high winning rate of 1 times 40. With this ratio, if the player wins, they will have a very large amount of money. Players will even change their lives if they bet a large amount of money.

Experience playing Roulette to easily win big at BWINPH

Experience playing Roulette to easily win big at BWINPH
Experience playing Roulette to easily win big at BWINPH

To easily win with large bets. Players need to understand the rules and carefully observe the numbers in the wheel. Apply luck at the right time and importantly learn Roulette playing experience from friends or other players.

Observe the wheel carefully and remember the numbers that come up together

To win the lottery, players need to observe the dealer’s spins. Then check the numbers that have come up and the numbers that have not come up. Grasp the rules of the wheel’s spin, then make a conclusion and make a judgment. For example, players can look at the results of the previous rounds. Then count the number of rounds that the number comes up and remember it and predict the rule of the next number.

Remember the pairs of numbers that often come up together and gain experience playing Roulette in the next round. Below are the pairs of numbers that are often recorded and come up together:
– Previous round is 02, then the next round is often 12
– Previous round is 12, then the next round is often 23
– Previous round is 16, then the next round is likely to come up 26
– Previous round is 08, then the next round is likely to come up 18
– Previous round is 18, then the next round is likely to come up 20

Bet on the most likely box in a certain time frame

According to certain rules about the spinning time frame of experienced Roulette experts, each shift the dealer will change the spinner, because in that shift there will be duplicate pairs of numbers that often appear. Therefore, players need to follow each shift, which pair of numbers appears more than 3 times, then bet on that pair of numbers.
For example, in the time frame from 5am to 7am, the pair of numbers 02 often appears, players should bet on that number until the spinner changes.

Experience playing Roulette with the perfect strategy

Experience playing Roulette with the perfect strategy
Experience playing Roulette with the perfect strategy

The perfect strategy when playing Roulette is the same as many other casino betting games, which is to always have a stable and steady mentality and know when to stop playing.

Players should not be too worried or pressured when playing this game, because this game has a relatively difficult winning rate. An optimistic and cheerful mentality will help you feel more lucky and confident. The fear of losing will make you not confident when deciding to bet on the numbers you have thought of. You may lose that winning bet.

When you are lucky, increase the bet amount on each spin. And players should stop if they feel too unlucky, should not bet all the money in their pocket or account. Take a break, relax and play another game and wait for the next day to come back to compete again. Who knows, the next day your luck will come, if you do not have money to play, you will lose many chances to win.

Choose the right Roulette table

For experienced Roulette players, they will recognize 2 forms of play of the bookies. That is American and British, with American Roulette having the number 0 and the pair of numbers 00, so the winning rate will be higher than British Roulette which does not have the number 00.

However, each form has a different level of difficulty, so the winning bet amount is correspondingly different. So players should consider carefully their choice.

When you first start betting, you should bet from a small amount and then gradually increase it, you should not bet larger at once. Gradually get used to the spins and gain experience playing Roulette, then bet larger amounts.

General Conclusion

The above are the shares of the bookmaker BWINPH about the Experience playing Roulette to win the most easily. Hopefully you can grasp this experience and learn more from other players to apply to in live game. Wish you luck and always succeed.

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